• July 22, 2018

Why should my fleet use Pacific Pride fuel cards?

Why should my fleet use Pacific Pride fuel cards?

Why should my fleet use Pacific Pride fuel cards? 1024 683 Star Oilco
Star Oilco Pacific Pride corporate fuel card

Pacific Pride Fleet Fuel card by Star Oilco


A prospective customer asked recently:

“Why should I use a Pacific Pride fleet card over a gas station credit card?”

Here’s our answer:

There are many reasons to use a commercial cardlock solution for your fleet. The biggest reason why you should use Star Oilco for your cardlock needs is that we are a locally owned and operated business that will take the time to tailor a card program to your specific fleet’s needs by asking questions like:

  • What is the greatest risk of theft that we can secure against?
  • Where is the greatest opportunity for savings in how you fuel?

Fleet card sellers and the larger cardlock companies are often focused on making your needs fit their product. Star Oilco focuses on YOU.  That’s a big difference.

With Star Oilco, you don’t have to choose between price or convenience.

PRICE: Cardlock locations do not use a credit card satellite to run transactions. This means you’re saving 2% to 4% right off the bat by using Pacific Pride or CFN, because  cardlock operators taking are not charging you to run your bill through a Visa or other network. Plus, by pulling into a gas station to buy fuel, you’re often forced to pay $.10 a gallon more to use a Comdata, WEX, Voyager, Mastercard or Visa backed fleet card.

With Pacific Pride, you won’t face this charge because it’s on Fleetcor’s network. And by working with a local Pacific Pride franchisee who owns the location, you’ll benefit from their ability to offer additional savings at their location that are not available to anyone else. They own the fuel and therefore have ultimate control on saving you money.

CONVENIENCE: With convenience, comes risk. With Star Oilco’s modern cardlock offering, we can secure your risk and still enable several levels of convenience and access, dependent on your customized fleet need.

We keep things simple: What do you do and where do you do it?

24-7 Convenience with Easy to Access Fueling Facilities

Clean, well lit and large truck friendly cardlock facilities. Cardlock is made for business and if you are operating doubles and triples, we can work with your staff to map out the easy in-and-out high-flow diesel fueling options for your drivers.

Industry-Leading Card Security

We offer a wide range of solutions that allow you, as a fleet manager, to lock down and protect your fleet from theft. If you only operate in specific areas, we can turn off whatever cards you want to not operate outside of where you want your trucks. If you don’t operate after a certain time of day we can turn non-management cards off to guard against after-hours sales fuel theft.

Email Notification for Total Control

See fuel transactions in real time. When your drivers make a fuel purchase at Pacific Pride or other affiliate fueling locations, an email will notify you or your dispatch. If your drivers are following your processes and procedures for fuel procurement, it will be easy for you to immediately reinforce the rules instead of waiting for a bill. Better yet, if something is wrong with the fuel purchase (out of area/time/product), you will know immediately a problem has occurred and can respond accordingly.

Flexibility or Structured Control.  We offer both!

Whether you want your drivers to be able to get fuel and get on the road as fast as possible, or stay locked into a specific zip code of only the lowest-cost commercial cardlock locations, we can make that happen. And not only do we make it easy, we can shift gears quickly to stay ahead of your evolving business needs.

Total Accountability for Fuel Usage

Total accountability means added convenience for your controller, CPA and HR manager. Beyond designing simple security features, we can:

  • Align fuel usage with your vehicle license plates by providing a private PIN to your employees.
  • Track miles per gallon in the vehicles to confirm if the fuel actually went into that vehicle or not.
  • Customize billing to link employee names to card usage.

Bottom line: You will know which vehicle took what fuel and who the person was who fueled it. And when an unlikely fueling occurs, you will have evidence of the person who did it and that the vehicle’s mileage is off, providing proof if needed. Combine Pacific Pride’s total control with a “No Tolerance Fuel Theft Policy” for additional authority to fire fuel thieves under any state’s employment laws.

Simple and Accurate Fuel Management and Reporting

Star Oilco’s system enables easy reports anytime you want them. If you require a CSV file or other report for your operation, tax reports, budgeting or other business needs we are there for you to make this easy.

Commercial Diesel Pricing with Volume Discounts

Pacific Pride commercial cardlocks are priced from the wholesale market rate. Our price is straightforward and based a daily OPIS Wholesale Rack report from your local market.  Instead of retail posted price signs where the corner gas station is trying to get as much as they can, our diesel fuel is priced on a cost plus basis. This is far more transparent and will save you money compared to retail on diesel fuel. When prices are high, our prices are far more fair. When prices fall, we fall with the wholesale market from the OPIS Average the day the market starts moving down. Pacific Pride locations are also designed with high speed diesel pumps that save large trucks time.

How to Stop Fuel Theft in Oregon

Try Pacific Pride to see for yourself!

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