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At Star Oilco., we’ve been passionate about next generation fuels since we launched our company in 1936. Over the course of 80 years, we have sold wood, coal, solar heat, petroleum and biofuels, with biofuels being one of our biggest and progressive investments. Rudolf Diesel — inventor of the first vegetable oil (biodiesel) powered engine — is certainly right about the relevancy of biodiesel today. The positive impacts that biodiesel has had on our industry is undeniable and at Star Oilco. we’re committed to continuing its legacy.

Back in 2001, we began to actively develop a biofuels program seeking to deliver both biodiesel and ethanol to our customers with the same convenience as petroleum and the results were worth our efforts. In 2006, Star Oilco. sold over 600,000 gallons of B99. By 2007, 20% of our heating oil profits are sourced from biodiesel deliveries. Today our biofuel sales are…provide info you’d like to share here

Star Oilco. is committed to offering the most cutting-edge fuel alternatives because we know it’s what’s best for our environment, economy and diesel equipment. Our biodiesel is renewably made in our home state of Oregon. We offer stable prices with local suppliers and are proud to support farmers, while reinvesting your fuel costs back into the U.S. economy.


Biodiesel is a renewable fuel that is domestically produced from either animal fats, vegetable oil or recycled restaurant grease for use in any vehicles or machinery that runs on diesel fuel. It is most often used as a blend with petroleum diesel since the two have very similar properties. Biodiesel also raises the cetane number and improves fuel lubricity, which reduces ignition delay and wear on your vehicle parts.

We like to view biodiesel as a technology, as it’s always in a state of progression. Although it’s an ever-evolving product, as it stands now biodiesel has a lot going for it:

Biodiesel is a renewable fuel that has very little impact on our environment. It is safe to handle, store and transport. And in the case of a spill, it is much safer than regular diesel since it is less combustible. Biodiesel is nearly green-house gas neutral with significant reductions in CO2 levels. Lastly, it reduces harmful diesel emissions such as particulate, carbon monoxide and others.

One of the greatest things about biodiesel production is that it is made in the USA and more specifically creates jobs in agriculturally reliant communities that have high unemployment rates. Being that it is a domestically produced oil, the purchasing of biodiesel keeps money circulating within our own economy and supports value added channels for American agriculture.

Since biodiesel is made, grown and consumed in America, this reduces our dependency on foreign oil and thus less money is exported outside the United States.

The three C's of BioDiesel

Cleaning Effect of Biodiesel

Biodiesel naturally cleans out tanks and fueling systems. This is a good thing as long as your drivers and maintenance schedule are prepared. Also, be ready to swap out fuel filters with your next oil change after starting.