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Cardlock Commercial Fuel Security Cards

Star Oilco is dedicated to your fleet being secure from theft. We can provide Cardlock systems on-site at your facility to integrate your fleet into a national network, be it in your own yard or on the road. Cardlock and fleet card services are more than a vehicle pulling up to a pump. Commercial cardlock is a powerful tool with security, scalability and accountability features including limitation options for your fleet’s operation.

Star Oilco has been providing fuel Cardlock services longer than any other company in Portland. Before computer-aided security was even an option. We also pioneered commercial cardlock security via software options. We are your premiere provider of cardlock services for fleets of every size. With over forty years experience, Star Oilco has first-hand knowledge that cardlock systems are superior to credit cards in protecting small businesses from theft.

Star Oilco provides a clear policy for you and your employees that states fuel usage will be monitored. This policy goes beyond just securing your fleet from theft, it guarantees internally communicate that theft will not be tolerated. Star Oilco calls this a zero-tolerance theft policy and it ensures that fuel theft will be recorded automatically and fuel thieves will be held accountable. There is no better fleet fueling solution for a diversified fleet to secure themselves than fuel cards for commercial dedicated cardlock locations.

Employee Use Identification

Star Oilco recommends the use of a floating pin as the best way to secure your fuel purchases from theft. A floating pin is assigned to your cardlock or fleet card key ring. The vehicle keys each have a cardlock card which registers fuel usage with the license plates of the vehicles in use. The vehicle keys and cards are distributed together to the drivers.

For security purposes, we then provide a unique secret PIN code to each employee that uses any vehicle within your organization. When they use the card, their name will appear on the bill next to the transaction. In addition to the PIN, your drivers can be prompted to put in mileage or a miscellaneous code for other internal tracking if you’d like. You will know who used which vehicle and confirm it was them who bought the fuel. If theft occurs, you will have the proof you need to fix the problem permanently.

To help ensure the safety of cardlock, we also suggest implementing our Zero Tolerance Fuel Theft Policy

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Our Sales Team will take your current fuel bill and compare it directly to what Pacific Pride or other fueling methods cost. We will quantify the value of a secure, 24 hour convenient and everywhere solution for your business. If you want to get in touch after business hours, you can email us for more information: OrderDesk@Star

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