Zero Tolerance Policy

Zero Tolerance Fuel Theft Policy

Star Oilco recommends implementing a “Zero Tolerance Fuel Theft Policy” for fuel cards issued to employees at your company. Upon hire, each employee will sign the zero-tolerance fuel card policy which will be placed in their employee file. It will state that employee fuel card PIN codes are unique and secret. We often find that our customers that already have a similar policy for their timecard system can integrate the same PIN for the fuel policy as well. If this unique PIN is used and transactions are recorded through any cardlock system, the employee assigned to that pin is responsible for the usage recorded on invoices.

Within this secured floating pin system, we can provide management and other key employees with traditional fleet cards to ensure a smooth and easy solution for when they need to be somewhere at any given time. You can choose to place security where it is needed and convenience where it is desired.

We find that the use of this system combined with an internal policy on theft makes significant reductions to internal fuel theft. The use of a floating pin combined with a “Zero-Tolerance Fuel Policy” will guarantee your honest employees remain honest and the less honorable members of your team will be held responsible. Keeping you safeguarded against fuel theft is a principal value we provide to you as your fuel vendor.

Feel free to call or email us with your questions. With Star Oilco as your cardlock fleet-card vendor you know your fuel usage is automatically recorded and monitored, and that there will be no surprises on invoices as per usage. Star Oilco gives you both peace of mind and a competitive price.

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