• July 20, 2021

Use Pacific Pride Fuel Cards as a Management Tool

Use Pacific Pride Fuel Cards as a Management Tool

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Pacific Pride fuel cards. Stop employee fuel theft by using the Star Oilco Fuel Card solution.

Star Oilco Pacific Pride Pride Advantage Card

The turn-key fuel card solution for small business seeking to stop employee fuel theft.

Star Oilco’s Pacific Pride card can give you control over when and where fuel is purchased.

Use Pacific Pride fuel cards as a management tool for your business.  With rising gas prices and a shortage of drivers being  a problem, secure your fleet cards to keep honest people honest.  Remove the temptation and save money in your small business.



Make managing drivers buying fuel a simple system that let your dispatch know in real time as fuel is purchased.

We promise the highest level of control for your small business.  Star Oilco offers human support designed to make it easy for a small business. Our moto is to Keep it Simple. We help you deploy and manage your secure fleet card program in your business.  You have enough to manage and don’t need another website to log into. We make it easy for you to know who bought what, when, and where — in real time — to better manage the buying decisions by your drivers.  We will make sure you are successful.

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You can use Star Oilco’s Pacific Pride card to:

  • Know who – the name of the driver purchasing and the vehicle they have
  • What fuels – control the products available to avoid costly premium gas purchases
  • Control gallons – the total gallons that can be bought at one time
  • Limit transactions – control the number of transactions a fuel card can have in one day
  • Time – predetermine the time of day that a fuel card can be used
  • Where – zip codes or states that a fuel card can be used in

The Star Oilco secure Pacific Pride card- The best option to knock out fuel theft.

Pacific Pride, CFN, WEX, Voyager and other fleet cards all have similar tools. We find that small businesses need one extra tool: a human being on the other side.  Star Oilco helps make sure the total program is working. We assist in your team grabbing control of every drop, every dollar and every driver.

We are your partner in Fleet Card and Cardlock Card success.

Star Oilco makes sure you are successful in fielding a secure fuel card.  We keep things simple and we make it easy for you. This is done with the obvious human element and best practices to complete the full value that a secured fuel card offers.

Call us and get to know what makes us different!

You tell us what you need and we’ll consult with you to get a working card program.

How Star Oilco secures your business from fuel thieves.

This is what we recommend for your non-management cards:

  1. Secure your fleet card to a vehicle (attached to the license plate on the bill or place the fleet card on the key ring of the vehicle).
  2. Designate your vehicle cards to only work in the state’s zip codes that you service during the times of day you operate as a business.
  3. Give each driver a unique and secret PIN attached to their name (so when they use a card, their name appears on the bill next to the transaction).
  4. Implement a “No Tolerance Fuel Theft Policy” with your Human Resource policy. Have every employee sign a contract with your business that they own their personal secret PIN and it is only for them to use. Star Oilco can provide a recommended policy for you to use. Then, if they share their PIN with someone else, they will be responsible for anything that happens. If theft is happening, it is a “No Tolerance” dismissal offense on the first occurrence.
  5. Use the e-receipts to see in real-time fuel purchases. An electronic receipt is emailed to your Controller or Dispatcher to watch for off-policy fuel usage in real time, which allows your Dispatch or Management to respond the same day to questionable decisions around fuel cards.

Now, imagine how this works for your business in practice.

You can set up restrictions by days of the week, hours of the day or even by zip codes. If your business does not operate on weekends, turn off the fuel cards during the times you do not operate. If your fleet is never on the road before 7am and is back at home by 7pm every night, set up those time restrictions to make it that much harder for fuel theft to occur.  If you need to update this, change something, order cards, etc., just call our office and we take care of that update for you.

With our e-receipts, your Dispatch will get an email every time fuel is purchased. You will see where, what, when and with whom this occurs. You can reinforce your company fuel policies at the local level the same day — No more waiting for the bill to see if a driver did something that cost you money. By seizing control of your fuel, your drivers will also respond to your new level of control as well. By having control and transparency of what your drivers do, they will require less management as they know you are watching.

Often the most controllable expense related with fuel is the fuel that might slip through a business due to unethical employees or outside theft. Fuel slippage is the industry term for unauthorized fuel taking. With Pacific Pride cardlock fuel, you can take control over fuel purchases and avoid the loss up front with card controls. Contact Star Oilco for a total fuel security solution for your business.


Seize control with Star Oilco’s corporate fleet card solutions.

Star Oilco will assign you a Card Administrator to help you be successful with this.  Where other programs promise tools but don’t follow up, we follow up.  We are here to make sure you are successful with our program.  Human beings answer our phones and long term employees staff your needs being met.

If you have further questions about Pacific Pride and control of your fleet fueling, call us at 503-283-1256 or contact us using the form below.

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Star Oilco has a white paper outlining how you can secure your business from internal fuel thieves. To download this guide on fleet card best practices please go to www.NoMoreFuelTheft.com or message Star Oilco for help.

Star Oilco is a proud and independent Franchisee of Pacific Pride

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