• April 11, 2016

Star Oilco Precision Fuel Management Testimonials

Star Oilco Precision Fuel Management Testimonials

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Precision Fuel Management Program Testimonial Page

Testimonial #1 Recology North Plains

Recology Material Recovery helps reduce the amount of waste entering Oregon’s landfills. In achieving this goal they strive to seek out new ways, types, and procedures to recycle waste which would otherwise be sent to the landfill instead of reusing it.

The environment onsite is dusty from the recycled wood products and has particulates floating in the air constantly. The piles of debris are kept semi-moist to help keep the dust down, which creates another issue for them to deal with. Both water and particles find their way into the bulk storage tank that they use for diesel fuel to fuel equipment. What seemed like small amounts of dirt and water was being sucked in through the open vents on the tank.

This in turn created issues with their bulk fuel tank cleanliness, their loaders, dump trucks and other “off-road” equipment they use to move the waste products through the recycling process. This picture is a before picture showing a bottom sample from the bulk tank.

Star Oilco suggested putting Recology on our Precision fuel management program. The program tackles the problem at the root cause and corrects it through the following processes:

  • Clean the tank and remaining fuel using 1 micron filtration
  • Install a Donaldson Clean & Dry Filtration kit™ on the tank.
  • Deliver Star Oilco Premium Diesel with Hydrotex PowerKleen™ additive.
  • Star Oilco then monitors the tank over a period of weeks for cleanliness taking bottom fuel samples as well as nozzle samples and sending them to our partner Hydrotex lab in Dallas Texas.

Nick Olheiser is the plant manager of the Recology North Plains and is very happy with the results.

“We do not have to change our filters on our equipment as much as we were”

“We are noticing our equipment is running smooth again since making the changes”

“I am very happy with the results and recommend it to anyone having issues with bulk fuel”

Nick Olheiser, Plant Supervisor Recology North Plains

Testimonial #2 Green Transfer & Storage

Green Transfer hauls and stores steel products in N. Portland, they were experiencing issues with the fuel they were getting from a local competitor. Star Oilco took fuel samples from the tank, and also took a fuel filter off the tank and had it sent to labs in Dallas Texas (Hydrotex) as well as Minneapolis, (Donaldson) the conclusion was as follows:

“The primary cause of filter plugging is believed to be a combination of the extremely high levels of glycerin and the polyamide chemistry that has been associated with some cold flow improvers. LCMS also identified DDSA and long chain amines; they are also known to cause filter plugging.” 

What that means in layman’s terms is the fuel had contaminants and particulates that were getting through the filtration and into Dave’s trucks. They were having issues with filters plugging and engines running rough. They were also seeing issues with fuel injectors showing signs of scoring and pitting.

Dave decided it was time to take action and had his tank cleaned, and had the Donaldson clean & Dry™ filtration installed. Dave opted to put an additional pre-filter before the two Donaldson filters, an added step to pre-filter the filters. Dave said,

“Since we re-cleaned the tank and added pre-filter I have not changed any filters. I have not had any other issues or driver complaints”.

Dave had several trucks in his fleet that kept changing fuel filters more and more frequently until they changed to the Donaldson Clean & Dry™ filtration kit and implemented the “Precision fuel management program” exclusively through Star Oilco, Hydrotex and Donaldson.

Star Oilco diagnosed the problems, took the necessary steps to alleviate them with the essential solutions.

  • Clean the bulk tank
  • Install Quality Donaldson Clean & Dry Filtration™
  • Deliver Star Oilco premium diesel with Hydrotex PowerKleen™ additive

If you are having issues with your bulk tank, or think you are having what might be fuel related issues,

Star Oilco will come out and take nozzle and bottom samples from your bulk tank and send them to our partner labs.


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