• January 8, 2020

Get an email every time your fleet stops for fuel

Get an email every time your fleet stops for fuel

Get an email every time your fleet stops for fuel 1024 541 Star Oilco

Driver management tools built into a fleet card.

Fleet card services mean more than just a bill, it is knowing who buys what, when, and where in real time.

Make sure your Dispatcher on duty gets an email every time fuel is bought in real time.

Know in real time what your fleet is buying and doing to get ahead of bad decisions.

Driver efficiency can drain your profits.  Drivers making the wrong decision about where to buy fuel is also a trainable experience.  Add to that the bad actors who might palm a fleet card.

We give you actionable data in real time as the driver makes a decision.

At those rare moments when thieves creep into your business, we also make sure you see it as it occurs.  This means you can save yourself thousands of dollars in theft before it happens.  Fuel theft usually occurs on the way to work or when bars close.  We make sure you are getting notified at every fuel purchase so you can see the out of place fuel purchase.

Our Pacific Pride cards tie a suite of tools into our E-Receipt tool making sure your team knows who is doing what with your fuel cards.  We also have added tools, if you want them, to turn the cards off by hour of day, days of the week, and by states/zip code protections.  We secure your business from those risks so you can protect yourself from surprises.

Star Oilco is an Independent Franchisee of Pacific Pride.

Get an Email every time your driver fuels up.  Know who, what vehicle, what fuel, at what location in real time – to manage your fleet in real time.

Knock out fuel theft by knowing what is happening when it happens.

E-Receipts are a simple tool that allow you total knowledge and control of your fleet’s fueling.

Managing a fleet is an orchestra of well organized chaos.  Your driver’s decision making, unforgiving customer needs, the randomness of traffic all merge into the daily life of a fleet.  Star Oilco can provide you a very simple tool to help you seize control of where, when and who makes fuel purchasing decisions.  The Star Oilco Pacific Pride card can provide an email notification every time fuel is bought notifying your team so that your fuel policy can be managed in real time.

Control the fuels they can buy, the zip codes they can buy fuel in, limit the quantity of fuel, windows of time to buy fuel (so after hours a borrowed card cannot be use), and get an email after someone gets fuel. Manage your driver’s habits as things happen.

Email notification of who, where, and what fuel was purchased after it occurs.

Many fleets have policies of wPacific Pride Fleet Cardhen and where to fuel.  Avoiding high cost retail pumps, the nearly $.50 fuel higher tax difference for an Oregon fleet buying in Washington state, or if you use wet-hose mobile fueling to save labor and depend on a gallon quantity for a discounted price.  A driver not following your policies is very expensive.

With Pacific Pride’s e-receipt at time of transaction you will have instant confirmation, not month end audits.

Regardless of coaching and communicating often drivers have a habit of departing from even the best managed fleet’s policies.  Knowing the moment this happens can make all the difference.  It also has an added benefit of keeping people from even contemplating fuel theft as the transaction and who the offender is will be immediately noted.

Imagine it.  Your driver stops out of route for fuel, shortly after a text from dispatch asks why?   As you discuss the fuel stop with the wayward driver, they will forever and always think twice before stopping out of route again.

Know who stopped for fuel now, not the end of the month.

Seize control of your fleet’s fuel.  Get started below.

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