• November 5, 2023

Benefits of an Automatic Fuel Delivery Service

Benefits of an Automatic Fuel Delivery Service

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Benefits of an Automatic Fuel Delivery Service

Automatic Fuel Delivery Provides Convenience.

Fuel delivery services take the hassle out of managing your fuel needs. You don’t have to check your fuel levels or schedule deliveries anymore. Fuel providers monitor your usage and deliver fuel before you run out.


Automatic Fuel Delivery Allows More Peace of Mind.

With automatic fuel delivery, you can rest assured knowing that you will always have the fuel you need to keep your business running smoothly. This is especially important during cold weather months.

Automatic Fuel Delivery Can Provide Potential Savings.

Automatic delivery is offered by many fuel providers at a discount. A run-out charge and other emergency fees may also save you money on fuel costs. It also saves money through the time and convenience that automatic fuel delivery offers by avoiding drivers having to go off of their route to sit and wait in line to fill up their tanks. This also provides less risk on potential fuel theft. There are a variety of ways directly, and indirectly that provide cost savings for your business’ bottom line.


Automatic Fuel Delivery Will Help With Environmental Benefits.

Automatic fuel delivery services (or on-site fueling) can help to reduce your environmental impact by reducing the number of fuel deliveries that need to be made. As a result, emissions can be reduced and traffic congestion can be reduced. With Portland’s Climate Action Plan and their roadmap to achieve 80% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050, with 40% reduction by 2030, reducing the number of stops and idle time on the roads will reduce this number significantly. If you consider adding renewable diesel to your tanks as a drop-in solution for your trucks, then you will continue to reduce your emission’s even further.


Here are some additional benefits of automatic fuel delivery services: 

Priority service:

Automatic fuel delivery (or wet-hosing) customers often receive priority service during peak demand periods. This means that you are less likely to run out of fuel during cold weather or other busy times where fuel may be more difficult to get. 

Emergency service:

If you do run out of fuel, automatic delivery customers may be eligible for emergency service at a discounted rate depending on the customer and location. Seek your fuel provider for more information.

More Consistent Billing:

Budgeting your fuel costs through a payment plan system offers more consistent billing and less invoices and receipts. This allows for a cleaner paper trail for your bookkeeping. 

If you are looking for a convenient and reliable way to manage your fuel needs, automatic fuel delivery services through Star Oilco are a great option to consider. 

An automatic fuel delivery service is a service that delivers fuel to your on-site location to top off your trucks on a regular basis, without you having to schedule deliveries ahead of time. Your fuel provider will monitor your usage and deliver fuel to you before you run out on a regular basis.

Automatic fuel delivery services are available for a variety of fuels and are especially beneficial in cold weather climates, where it is important to have a reliable supply of fuel to keep your trucks running and business efficient. Automatic fuel delivery services offer a number of benefits and when it comes to fueling your fleet, your fuel provider will take care of everything for you! Contact Star Oilco to find out more about the benefits your specific business will receive through our automatic fueling services