Oregon Diesel Taxes Explained

Oregon Diesel Taxes Explained 1024 685 Star Oilco

How Oregon Diesel Taxes Are Calculated As of January 1st, 2022 Oregon is raising Fuel Taxes to $.38 a gallon. (source) The prices in this article have been updated to reflect that.  There will be another $.02 a gallon fuel tax increase set in 2024 as well. Oregon is unique in its handling of diesel.…

Oregon and Self-Serve Laws at the Pump

Oregon and Self-Serve Laws at the Pump 1024 576 Star Oilco

Why can’t I pump my own gas in Oregon? In Oregon there are self-serve and full-serve counties.  The more urbanized counties require an attendant serve you with gasoline. (NOTE: If you operate a business in Oregon and want the ability to have commercial vehicles use a 24-7 card lock location here are the rules for…