• February 16, 2024

How does mobile cardless pay work with Pacific Pride & CFN?

How does mobile cardless pay work with Pacific Pride & CFN?

How does mobile cardless pay work with Pacific Pride & CFN? 349 335 Star Oilco

Pacific Pride offers a mobile cardless pay option through their app, PRIDE PAY.

With PRIDE PAY, drivers can initiate fueling directly from the app at participating Pacific Pride locations without a physical card.

Here’s how it works: 

Download and install the PRIDE PAY app on your mobile device.

Pride Pay App Icon

Sign in using your Pacific Pride account credentials.

Locate a participating Pacific Pride station within the app.


Once at the station, initiate fueling through the app, responding to any prompts for authorization.

Fuel your vehicle and complete the transaction directly through the app.


There are many Pacific Pride fueling locations throughout the United States and Canada. There are over 1,400 locations in total, and that number is still growing. You can find Pacific Pride stations in a variety of places, including truck stops, convenience stores, and travel plazas. Since Pacific Pride locations are independently owned and operated, not all services are available at all locations. It’s always a good idea to call ahead to confirm amenities offered at a station.   

Mobile cardless payment systems, also known as contactless payment, can improve your business’s bottom line and efficiency in several ways:  

Faster Checkout Time: Mobile payments are faster. This reduces checkout times, keeps lines moving, and improves the customer experience.  

Reduced Costs: Less time spent processing payments translates to lower labor costs. Additionally, mobile payments eliminate manual cash handling, reducing errors and costs.  

Increased Sales: Faster checkouts can lead to higher customer satisfaction and impulse purchases.   

Improved Cash Flow: Transactions are settled electronically, which means you receive funds faster than checks or waiting for credit card payments to clear.   

Enhanced Security: Mobile cardless payments use secure authentication, where a unique digital identifier is used instead of your actual card details. This reduces fraud risk compared to physical cards.  

Data & Sales Insights: One of the benefits of mobile payments is that they provide you with data and insights into your sales activity.   

Operational Efficiency: Mobile payment systems can streamline back-office operations by simplifying record-keeping and reconciliation.  

Accessibility: Mobile cardless payments are convenient for businesses and customers.   

PRIDE PAY offers many benefits like convenience, security, and potential fuel discounts. Remember to check with your Pacific Pride account manager for details and ensure your company account is enrolled in the program. 

An additional bonus is the ability to track multiple drivers, companies can gain insights into their routes, driving behavior, and travel times. This allows for better coordination, improved time management, and reduced fuel consumption. Additionally, tracking helps to identify inefficiencies and areas for improvement in the overall transportation process, leading to cost savings and reduced paperwork through automated reporting. 

In the end, this advanced tracking system goes beyond simple location monitoring, transforming fleet management into a data-driven operation that optimizes efficiency, cuts costs, and streamlines the entire transportation process.