Commercial Business
Fueling Solutions

Our motto is “Keep it Simple” and we are here to make this easy.

Fueling presents many challenges for commercial business such as cost, labor, time, and in emergency situations, the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not you have enough fuel to get the job done. Star Oilco provides a multitude of commercial business fueling solutions to reduce fueling problems and to increase efficiency.

We Keep It Simple and We Keep It Full

Solution 1: On-Site Fueling

  • Save on driver hours and the added complexity of stopping for fuel.
  • If your fleet is large or small, we take care of your onsite fuel needs
  • We care, our drivers care, and this is the big difference

Star Oilco’s on-site fueling and mobile fueling fleet offers a variety of commercial business fueling solutions for Oregon and Washington. For fleets big or small, on-site or mobile, our drivers take pride in offering quality, timely fueling.

If you have a fleet of vehicles that park at a yard every night on-site fueling might also be an option.  This service, also called wet-hose fueling, can help cut costs associated with drivers by reducing the amount of time they are fueling and not delivering product. With larger fleets this can save significant time and expand your capacity for product distribution.

We Keep It Simple and We Keep It Full

The advantages on-site fleet fueling:

  1. Reduced Labor Costs:  No more valuable drive time wasted at truck stops or fueling locations.
  2. Seize Control of your Fuel Taxes: Oregon fleets stopping for fuel in Washington state are needlessly paying $.494 in fuel taxes tying up your cash needlessly.
  3. Increased Up Time: Spend more time on the road hauling what you need.
  4. Per Truck Usage and Reporting: Track your fuel spending down to the penny.  Fuel theft is a thing of the past with on-site fleet fueling.
  5. Easy Billing: No more receipts and endless transactions.  Receive one, simple, monthly fuel bill.
  6. One Place for Fuel: Connect your on-site fueling with Pacific Pride or other fleet cards all on one bill by license plate, person or work site.
We have drivers on the road today.

Solution 2: Emergency Fueling

Wind, snowstorms, and power outages could mean your generators are empty. Are you prepared for the next emergency? Did you fill up from the last? Keeping your back-up generator fueled could be the difference between an inconvenience and a disaster.

Star Oilco helps you stay ahead of the next emergency by re-fueling now and responds quickly when you are in an emergency situation and need fuel fast.

Solution 2: Emergency Fueling

Avoid a double emergency by focusing on the diesel fuel quality.

Backup generators are everywhere when you start looking for them. Rarely needed but when a storm or disaster strikes their failure to fire will be extremely conspicuous. Diesel generators are taking center stage for emergency preparedness, placing those who maintain them in some high-level policy discussions. Making sure the fuel used in a quality product is of upmost importance to the continued use of your generator.

Star Oilco is an expert at fueling back-up generators, emergency water pumps, and other long term off-road diesel storage requirements. We understand, that in the Pacific Northwest, biodiesel blending is required by state laws. Biodiesel will need an extra layer of care when stored as a back-up fuel. Star Oilco provides solutions to make sure you have quality fuel and that your emergencies don’t turn into disasters.

We Keep It Full.

Solution 3: Keep Full Schedule

Star Oilco offers a “Keep Full Program” so you can rest assured that your tank is never empty. No matter what, we keep the process as seamless as possible and schedule a fueling time that best fits your operation.

  • Re-occurring, scheduled deliveries
  • Night or weekend fueling
  • Tank rentals and tank delivery
  • Autofill program for heating oil customers

Never worry about your fuel needs and never run out. We pride ourselves on caring and servicing our customers.

Learn more and get a quote for Star Oilco’s Tank Monitors, that way Star keeps track of your fuel for you.

Seize control with Star Oilco’s corporate fleet card solutions.

Solution 4: Management Tools

Use Pacific Pride fuel cards as a management tool for your business.  With rising gas prices and a shortage of drivers being a problem, secure your fleet cards to keep honest people honest. Remove the temptation and save money in your business.

Protect your business by setting controls and monitoring systems. If your business is picking up, there is less time to monitor individual employees. Set up systems that control waste and extra expenses, while giving employees the fuel they need to move your equipment.

Solution 4: Management Tools

You can use Star Oilco’s Pacific Pride card to:

  • Know who – the name of the driver purchasing and the vehicle they have
  • What fuels – control the products available to avoid costly premium gas purchases
  • Control gallons – the total gallons that can be bought at one time
  • Limit transactions – control the number of transactions a fuel card can have in one day
  • Time – predetermine the time of day that a fuel card can be used
  • Where – zip codes or states that a fuel card can be used in

Star Oilco will assign you a Card Administrator to help you be successful with this. Where other programs promise tools but don’t follow up, we follow up. We are here to make sure you are successful with our program. Human beings answer our phones and long-term employees staff your needs being met.