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PowerKleen Premium Diesel + Superior Filtration + Desiccant Breathers on Tanks

Star Oilco can solve fuel quality problems with our Precision Fuel Management.

Star Oilco, Hydrotex® and Donaldson® have joined forces in an alliance to geographically map and sample diesel storage tanks! As part of a two state project, they combine global resources and technologies establish a large searchable dataset. By ASTM test method for targeted application, they are able to find local fuel reliability and performance solutions.

Guided by O.E.M. recommendations and ASTM test results, the program ensures the new low-emission diesel engine platforms are achieved. The program finds the correct application of complimentary processes and products to ensure optimum design efficiencies and longevity.

Initial benchmark testing and ongoing “Condition Based Monitoring” will be provided at no cost to individual fleet operators who participate. The results will be confidential and remain the property of the fleet owner for use as a tool in establishing better R.O.I. on fuel and related maintenance expenses. Regional data will be combined in anonymous sets to be analyzed and tracked. This is helpful to establish overall trends and recommendations or new product development and application strategies.


Hydrotex PowerKleen® premium additive enhances and improves ULSD fuel, giving it the chemical composition needed to work together with today’s diesel engines. The additive restores lubricity and substantially reduces or eliminates the effects of rust and corrosion inside storage tanks, fuel tanks and fuel injectors.

Donaldson filtration solutions has been developing high quality effective filtration systems for diesel engines and storage tanks since 1915. Donaldson, a pioneer in the filtration industry, knows all too well the issues associated with ULSD. The Donaldson Clean & Dry® filtration kit for AST’s (above ground storage tanks) is helping solve fuel quality issues associated with excessive particulate (dirt) and water found in fuel coming off the pipeline.

For every 10,000 gallons of diesel delivered, up to 1 pound of dirt and 1 gallon of water is acceptable per the ASTM D975 fuel quality standard. Beyond that, though biodiesel has many good qualities, it can be a challenge regarding filtration.

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