Refrigerated Trailer Fuel Service In Portland, OR

Reliable Fuel Service For Your Refrigerated Trailer In Portland And Vancouver

Reefer trailer fuel service

Refrigerated trailers (reefers) are a popular solution for grocery stores, food processors, caterers, and many others. They are used to expand your refrigerated inventory during holiday food rush seasons. ¬†Star Oilco is ready to fill your reefers with fuel to ensure your food is fresh and your customers are happy. Star Oilco is the Portland area’s leading reliable refueler of refrigerated trailers.

We have trucks ready and on the road driving past your location daily. We currently have the lowest service fee in Portland, only $55 will secure an automatic keep full schedule. Our reefer fuel program is designed specifically for grocers and food processors. We are a partner that simplifies your refrigeration needs during your busiest times of the year. Trust us to keep you full with no excuses. We have been providing reefer fuel for over 20 years.

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Call for (503) 283-1256 to schedule refrigerated trailer fuel service in Portland & Vancouver

To get started we can set your account up on credit, credit card, fleet card, or another preferred payment method.
Star Oilco can deliver Ultra Low Sulfur B5 Diesel or B20 Biodiesel (20% Biodiesel and 80% Petroleum) to your Reefer. All fuels are dyed and for off road use to avoid expensive taxes associated with using clear diesel. Our dyed fuels are also treated with Hydrotex PowerKleen Premium Diesel additive to improve long term storage stability and improve performance.

On average a refrigerated trailer burns between 10 and 15 gallons a day in the Portland area during the winter. The reefer’s fuel burn varies based on how often your trailer is accessed a day. Based on our 20 year experience, we recommend a three day a week schedule. Smaller customers may only need onsite fueling twice a week. We will evaluate your store’s need and recommend the best schedule to ensure you never have to worry about you refrigerated trailer running out of fuel.

Automatic keep full schedules include immediate response in the event of a fuel theft at no additional charge. We understand the large cost of your inventory therefore we keep your reefers full – no excuses.

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